Monday, February 29, 2016

End of the Month Crazies

Not sure where the title came from but that´s what popped into my head for two reasons:

1)A lot crazy happened this week
2) Missionaries (here) recieve money at the end of the month, so two or three days before the end of the month,there are a lot of missionaries broke, hehe

So crazy events this week: My companion was made District leader this week. Which means we get to carry around the cell! But for some reason I am still the Senor Companion... We have 5 investigators at church this week which was wonderful! We meet a man who wanted to listen to us because he read a conversation on Facebook of someone talking bad about the missionaries. Then someone (Maybe a member) spoke out about how the missionaries leave everything behind for two years and that´s what sparked his interest.
Talk with a couple of Gringos from North Carolina, singing about the bible in different churchs.
And (This is why I can´t send pictures) This morning we recieved a call from the office that my companion had an interview with the president. So we were in the offices of the mission today, waiting for a interview. And then when the interview ended, President looked at me, "You ready to sing Elder Alder?" "Yes...." Then he told me about the virtual choir that MoTab is doing and that he wanted me to sing for it! So we spend most of today in the office, singing and sitting! (So if I don´t write you, I apologize in advance)

Well I sure hope the best for everyone this week! Know that when you put everything in, everything that you have, and then ask the Lord to do His part. If you have done your part, with what ever it is (From Education to which what shirt to wear today)  The Lord WILL do His part.
"He that loseth his life for my sake, shall findeth"

Elder Alder

Link to Elder Alder's MoTab recording:  Devan...MoTab

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