Monday, November 2, 2015

La Fe, orando, y Padre

Hola a todas las personas en Estados Unidos y en el mundo. (I think)
Great week of learning here in Loja! Tough but absolutely wonderful!
I heard it was Halloween (I almost forgot!) Hope the world was a little more sweet this week-end! Sorry for the sarcasm! But one thing about Ecuador, they don´t celebrate halloween, they just go vacation, or in this case, walk with the virgin to another city. I know we all have silly tradicions and I´m not trying to offend those who worship the virgin. I just wouldn´t walk a bunch of kilometers following a statue for my halloween celebration. Hahaha. Just know it says in the scriptures that Mary did advise us to follow her son (She must of knew something)
Investigador report:
This is where the rough part of week was. No investigadores came to church, that means all our progressing investigadores are now not progressing anymore. It´s quite hard. And just to protect the identity of this people, I am going to start changing names (Unless I baptize them, then i´ll tell you :))
But for now I think it´s better to keep the names secret. Just in case one of them like this week, we found drunk in front of their door. It was quite sad and I have all the respect for this wonderful child of God, so we are going to try harder (Well I am going to try harder my father (trainer) is dying (going home) because this person is a child of our heavenly father and they need the gospel more than ever.
We have definitely been praying a lot for this person and fasting and I have learned a lot this week about how God answers our prayers.
And the spiritual topic I want to discuss is La Fe. 
Faith is so vital to our salvation. Elder Neil L. Andersen exhorted all the preisthood with this topic and one line that I think is for the world. "Your faith is either getting stronger or it is getting weaker" My scripture for this week is Alma 32:21, it says that faith isn´t a perfect knowledge but a hope for things not seen. But in 27 it says that we must experiment on these words and ACT by our own free will. Then in 41 it says we have to cultivate with "gran diligencia y paciencia".
And that´s the key. Everyday we need to cultivate our faith in the gospel or it won´t be growing.
And especially! We need to be patient with this groweth, Its like the groweth of a plant.
Love to all
Elder Alder

Elder Barney (Devan's trainer (father)) is returning home soon

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