Monday, October 26, 2015


This week has just been packed full of activities! (Not to mention we ate at KFC today, doesn`t taste the same but it`s fake so what more do you need!) Firstly, everyone was sooo nervous because we had a training (That´s the translation of the title) with Presidente Torres! Super Exciting and nerve racking. Why? Because he is probably the nicest, most spiritual person ever and the last thing we want to do as missionaries is disappoint him. 
But it was absolutely amazing!! Two really important themes that I will talk about at the end. Also, during the training we had inverviews with him, all the missionaries! Took a long time! But when it got to my turn and I finished, a thought came to his mind and suddenly I was singing A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief in the adult session of District Conference (Since we are branches out here that´s what stake conference is) with another Elder playing the piano! I didn´t do perfect (I had one day I´m sorry) but Presidente was crying so at least I brought the spirit!
Also had baptisms in the Zone! And another on November 21st, in our sector! ¡ESO!

Hugo Naranjo (Almost orange juice but not quite): Baptismal date: 21st de Noviembre! He is doing great! He attended the Church 2 years ago but now he is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and stopped drinking for 3 weeks!

Estella Castro: Really nice lady that cuts hair and gave us hot chocolate, but she doesn`t believe in being an active member anywhere but I have a feeling she will accept the invitation this week to be baptized.

Marcos Chimbo: We just have to find him! But we have had some really nice lessons with him about the Sabbath day.

Gerardo, biatris, and a couple more we haven´t been able to meet with because they are always gone!

Themes: DÍA de reposo y caridad.
My scripture this week is D&C 59:9. Not sure what it says in english exactly but I will try to translate. Most importanly the blessing of being spotless from the world if we offer up our sacraments on el día santo? Sacred day. Anyways, meaning the sabbath. It is the sabbath DAY, not three hours. We need to treat it as such and that is when we recieve the blessings!

And without charity we are nothing! One piece of advice that Presidente gave to me for learning the language is love.
And I testify that it works. 
In D&C 121 it says that we can have the constant companionship of the Spirit if we have charity. That´s why we are nothing without charity, because we don´t have the spirit.

So two pieces of advice, have caridad for ALL people and Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. The whole Day.

Love the Gospel. Love this wonderful opportunity!

Elder Alder


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