Monday, October 19, 2015

¡Spiritual Forces!

What an absolutely wonderful week here in utahish weather Loja! The rain stroms are bipolar and when the sun comes out, everything heats up!

Since some people have been dropping hints about how they dont`t know what happens in my day, (In this mission we call that a silent machete) I´LL TELL YOU ALL con amor :)

Up at 6:13, so we can say prays and work out at 6:30 (if we want to run, we have to go at 6) Desayuno at 7. Personal Study at 7 (My favorite part) followed by companionship study and language study till 12ish. Then here we have mamitas. They are members that cook lunch for us! And Man is it a big luch! Then lets go preach the gospel! Investigadores are the most important, then we go visit less active members and try to get them to church, and also members houses to find more people to teach! Back at the house at Exactly 9 so we can plan for tomorrow and on our knees at 10:20 so we can pray and be in bed at 10:30

There is a normal day! But everday is different! Full of things to learn! Visit seminary at 5:30 in the morning! Waking up at 3 in the morning because some dog doesn´t like another dog or a small earthquake (it was just one shake no worries) Or we contact someone on the street and invite him or her to be baptized!

One thing I love about this mission are the expectations! So the picture is a shirt we made for the guys in our district! Super chevere! (That´s why the title is spiritual forces because that´s what it says on the front of the shirt.) But on the sleeve it says 600! That´s the mission´s goal for baptisms each month! Wow! That`s 3 baptisms a month for each missionary! The best part is that it is possible!

Progress report:
Gerardo: Haven´t seen him this entire week and we have been to his house everyday!!!

Biatris: She is always going on trips.... But we have nice conversations!

Marcos: New Investigador! Uncle of Gerardo, and have had some great lessons on the Sabbeth day! 

Romel: New investigador!! 21 and has a motorcycle! He didn´t technically say no to my invatation to be baptized but it wasn`t a yes..

Entonces, Love the field! Is it hard? Yes. But That is the best part. We get a chance to grow! That is the purpose of this life! And at the same time we can laugh with members, investigadores, and missionaries as well. Not to mention the constant companionship of the Spirit. 

Scripture this week: 3Nehi 5:13 (I think) I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. This is my goal. I hope it can be yours too!

New district (soccer) shirt and new haircut!

 Top of La Puerta de Cuidad overlooking the city!

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