Monday, April 17, 2017

Abide with me

Well even though we got the 3 Guayquil Missions together to see Elder Christofferson, I still, by chance, just happened to be the first person to shake hands with the Apostle of the Lord. I almost had a heart attack!

This week was one of the busiest, greatest weeks ever! Exchanges on Wednesday. Friday with our Easter Missionary Activity. With Singing, balloons, candy, choirs, a christian band, and 10 missionaries contacting like mad. Traveling to Guayaquil that same day. Practicing with the missionary choir (Love those missionaries, didn´t take a picture, oops, but I can say that we had a wonderful spiritual experience together. Saturday, 500 missionaries in one stake center. and me flinging my hands around in front of all those missionaries, the area presidency and Elder Christofferson (Don´t forget his wife!) I felt the spirit so strong leading that song. Why can´t I sing like that every time? I didn´t see the Apostle´s face during the performance but as we sat down (I was on the front row to the left) Elder Christofferson looked at me with such a smile. His smile reminded me of Alma 5. Have you recieved the light of Christ in your face? (I know that`s not the quote but I don`t know how to translate it in English) He mentioned how we are companions with the 12 in their mission to spread the world His truth. His main messaje was that the highest honor form God is to hear "in whom I am well pleased" And that the Lord was pleased with our efforts. What a strong spirit. I would just like to follow the 12 around the rest of my life.

Not to mention we had 2 baptisms in our branch this Wednesday too. The other elders and us. There we A LOT of people in that baptismal service that I have 4 inches to stand and see I like to Look for Rainbows. 

I love this work! I love this Church! I know it´s true and it doesn´t have to be a cheesy thing that we say to people. We can mean it. Last quote from Elder Christofferson: The Lord can only bless us to the level that we are prepared. 
Prepare well and the blessing come like rain and heat here in Santa Rosa :)

Love you all :)

Elder Alder

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