Monday, April 11, 2016


"Elder Alder, thank you for all that you have done in the zone, do you have something to write with? Elder Alder, you have changes (or transfers)" 

Recieved that call at 6:20pm Wednesday during our meeting with the ward missionaries and missionary leader! Had to be in the bus terminal at 8 that night! Pretty crazy! Took a bus alone to Naranjal with was about an hour and a half. Tada! 

A little people just outside of Guayaquil, little branch that was started 3 years ago and is just wonderful! It´s going to be hard to memorize where things are and such because the majority of the streets have no names ("Streets that have no names" MOM) And the address of the houses are: "Do you see the white house on the corener? My house is over there a little bit by a tree." Crazy right? 

Well the whole city smells like vinegar Becuase this little city produces... Cocoa! All of your chocolate starts here! A little plant that they throw the seeds on the ground to dry and then they sell the dry stuff to America! You´re welcome!

Well my  new companion! (see picture with our little bananas) His name is Elder De La Cruz (Of the Cross, sure would be great no?) Well he is from Lima, Peru and has a little bit more than a year in the mission. 

So crazy thing here is now I am a District Leader! Wooo! Not too important but I get to take out the daily report every night and do baptismal interviews! Have already done two! And that was my spiritual experience this week, Every interview, there was such a strong spirit in each one and it really helped my faith in every aspect of the gospel from the Godhead to Law of Chastity! 

Love you all and hope the best!

Elder Alder
Elder Alder and Elder De La Cruz

Devan's favorite dish in the new area...Seco de Pollo

Last FHE with members in Pradera

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