Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Playing Futbol with El Presidente

Man, i really hope I get this whole email thing down because it takes a while to add you all to this message. Haha! Well there goes another week! Today marks two weeks since I barely made it past immagration into this country! 
It´s going by super fast for me! ¿anyone else? haha!

Well where to start! I think it was the third day here in the CCM that we talk our first "investigador" in all Spanish! Talk about scarey.. Each of the teachers here pretend to be real people from their mission and we teach them in spanish about everydayish. Mine and Elder Baker´s is and was Renzo. Let´s just say it was a sticky situation at the end of the lessons because he was getting ready for baptizism and then went to a bar with the bishop´s daughter... Yikes. Miracle #1: my companion for these six weeks is Elder Baker, and he did spanish immersion for 10 years so he knows a load more spanish than I do! But the miracle is that he helps me all the time and he is almost like a latino companion who knows english! I learn so much from him and I think we are a great compainionship! or comparñismo in spanish I believe! 

I want to touch on the food real quick! (Mainly for my father and how can I not!) I really love the food here! In South America, desyauno is small, almuerzo is HUGE, and cena is just for fun. Haha. Some of the Nortes hate it because we always get rice, meat and hot dogs. From runny eggs, to wishing we had grandma scyamore bread, I think it´s great! Favorite food here in the CCM? Has to be a fruit they have for dinner called Granadilla. How to explain it? One elder compared it to the first scene of nemo with all those eggs! And he isn´t wrong, if you look at it, it looks like spider eggs incased in fluid. I call them the Fiber-One fruits because... ahh nevermind. But after you get past the texture they taste fabuloso! 

I shared last week that Spanish is really hard even those it´s one of the easier languages and it is! It makes more sense than english does! Miracle #2: The Latinos just left today which was pretty sad but the miracle was, one of them, Elder Echarry from Venezula, has been studying english for 10 years but has never talked to anyone with what he has learned. One Day we were talking with him and I think the Lord knew exactly what I needed that day. he said to me somwhere along the lines of: "Elder Alder, you are doing so well. Your pronuncation is great. And someday you will lose English. Just forget it and I know you will be a great spanish speaker" The Lord knows me and He knows you and exactly what you and I need!

Miracle #3: The spirit or EspiritĂș. The best part about this place is that you can feel the spirit when you want to. We did something this week called CRE: we teach an investigador and they film us and see how we can improve. The character we were teaching was a girl who had lost her father a year ago. So Elder Baker shared testimony about a friend who had died recently and how he got over it. And even though this wasn´t the actual investigador we were teaching. I looked into her eyes and felt the spirit flood over me as I bore testimony to here that she could be with her father again. I cried, even though this wasn´t a real lesson just one to help us. The Spirit is the driving energy force and I love it. I crave it.

Everyone here is great! I love my MTC president and I love this place. There is no greater work than the Lord´s no matter where you are! This church is true and I hope everyone knows how important the temple is! The one here is guarded by a gate! Press Foreward and Oh! I remember the scripture I wanted to share! I don´t have my scriptures but it is somewhere in 2 Nehi, Spiriutally Minded Is Eternal Life. S.M.I.L.E :)

Con amor

Elder Alder

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